Whether your estate plan is complicated or simple, Attorney Scharff aims to protect your investments. One of the common misconceptions that people have when it comes estate planning is they believe their spouses or children will automatically inherit their assets.

Attorney Scharff will work collaboratively with you, to ensure that your wishes are stated in a straightforward manner. She will also help you navigate your way through the process of settling an estate. She takes care of the following:

  • Pre-death planning
  • Preparation of wills, trusts, living wills and powers of attorney
  • Working together with your accountant and financial planner to ensure that your goals are met, finances are maximized and tax consequences are minimized
  • Settling your estate post-mortem according to your wishes
  • Initiation and effectuation of the Probate process
  • Preparation of inheritance tax returns
  • Working together with beneficiaries and heirs to resolve issues without court intervention
  • Will contests
  • Litigation as needed
Law Office of Paula Christine Scharff Office
Law Office of Paula Christine Scharff


Paula Christine Scharff

Attorney Scharff provides legal representation for estate planning and administration, family and corporate law. Accredited by Better Business Bureau, Attorney Scharff has extensive legal experience and knowledge in many facets of legal system. Law Office of Paula Christine Scharff strives to protect your best interests  and welfare in all services.

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