Family Legal Services

As a family mediator, Attorney Scharff is compassionate and responsive on all family matters, including divorce, custody, parenting concerns and elder care issues. Attorney Scharff is ready to conduct mediation sessions between two or more consenting parties.

Attorney Paula Scharff

As a family law attorney who understands the delicate nature of family law, Attorney Scharff will take time to listen to your needs, provide emotional support, impart the information necessary in order for you to make informed decisions, guide you through the stressful process and work hard to arrive at a favorable solution in these cases:

  • Child custody/child support
  • Child dependency – neglect and abuse
  • Divorce
  • Guardianships for disabled and elderly
  • Name changes to start anew
  • Adoptions
  • Equitable distribution of marital assets
  • Parental termination
  • Mental health law – when someone you love needs treatment
  • Debt reduction and negotiation


Paula Christine Scharff

Attorney Scharff provides legal representation for estate planning and administration, family and corporate law. Accredited by Better Business Bureau, Attorney Scharff has extensive legal experience and knowledge in many facets of legal system. Law Office of Paula Christine Scharff strives to protect your best interests  and welfare in all services.

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